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confederate states army wikipedia - the confederate states army c s a was the military land force of the confederate states of america confederacy during the american civil war 1861, the whole point of confederate monuments is to celebrate - the memorials are a legacy of the brutally racist jim crow era, confederate monuments are coming down across the united - a white nationalist rally that turned violent in charlottesville va on aug 12 brought renewed attention to dozens of confederate monuments, see where confederate monuments are coming down time - the debate over removing confederate monuments erected throughout the u s intensified this week, civil war songs confederate lone hand - civil war songs confederate many of these song lyrics and poems have been long forgotten the archive centers on songs that were popular in the, texas in the american civil war wikipedia - the u s state of texas declared its secession from the united states of america on february 1 1861 and joined the confederate states on march 2 1861, confederate statues and memorials to be removed cnn - cnn more than 150 years after the civil war ended the confederacy is memorialized with statues monuments and historical markers across the, robert charles tyler last american civil war confederate - against impossible odds and following orders issued half a year earlier robert charles tyler became the last confederate general slain in civil war combat, confederate american pride homepage - about this website confederate american pride website has been created for that unique class of people native to the southeastern states who define, historical flags of our ancestors american civil war flags - historical flags of our ancestors contains pictures brief descriptions and histories of hundreds of historical flags, the confederate society of america the sentry blog - the sentry blog articles and points of merit in discussing the truth of history vs the re created history as spun by the educational public system and, a new confederate monument goes up in alabama nbc news - the daughters of the confederacy and the sons of confederate veterans attended the ceremony along with civil war re enactors dressed in period clothing, removing confederate statues is not erasing history - the battle over confederate statues that was resurrected by the violence in charlottesville is off the front pages but that doesn t mean it s, debate over asheville s confederate memorials continues - with the recent removal of confederate monuments in new orleans and other southern cities capturing national headlines local residents historians and, post charlottesville confederate monuments begin to fall - post charlottesville confederate monuments begin to fall across the u s charlottesville like many other cities has struggled over what to do, the pernicious myth of the loyal slave lives on in - the pernicious myth of the loyal slave lives on in confederate memorials statues don t need to venerate military leaders of the civil war to, the fight over virginia s confederate monuments the new - i don t care if you re a food critic you re not coming back in my restaurant wearing only a sash, reenactors stage civil war battle the washington post - middletown va late sunday morning hundreds of civil war reenactors concluded their battle on a rolling patch of grass 80 miles west of washington, welcome to the official website of austin indiana - austin and the civil war indiana was a union state indiana s role in the civil war is often overlooked and even confusing to some historians